Cultural Capital was enacted from March 2009 - March 2010

Cultural Capital is a distributed artwork that draws attention to the transformative and generative properties of bacteria and culture in traditional bread making in which a sour-dough starter is created and grown in the home, workplace or gallery; cared for by curators (curators here is not restricted to professional curators).  Historically, a good sour-dough culture was very important in day-to-day living: it can be easily transported, shared with friends and strangers and can last for generations. Following the recipes and protocols of participation curators grow a sour dough starter and share it with guests at a formal or informal event that they organise.  Curators document the event itself and document the process of caring for the sour dough starter.

The work emerged from our regular bread-making activities. At first we just began to notice slight disturbances in the everyday patterns and processes of baking a loaf as we realized that we were ‘caring for’ a very fragile entity. We came across a text by Alexander Galloway and Eugene Thacker that made a connection between ‘caring for’ and curating, and we began to think about the possibility of inviting curators to care for the starter.


Curators' Documentation
26th February 2010 Ana Carvalho cared for the sour-dough starter in Portugal. and distributed the starter at an event which also celebrated 500 short stories written by Bronte Sisters on the blog(spot) Latido de Cachorro more    
1st December 2009 curator Zoe Shearman, Relational, Bristol cared for the sough dough starter during installation week of Arnolfini's Craftivism exhibition. (more...)  
19th September 2009 the sour dough starter was cared for by Ben Hyde at his bakery Trois Petits Pains in St Julien de Jonzy, France. (more....)  
During August 2009 Cultural Capital was part of ISEA2009 The Exhibition curated by Kathy Rae Huffman. (more....)   Kathy Rae Huffman
25th June 2009 Heather Lovelady and Laura Wild held an event with the community of Somewhere Else, Liverpool. (more....)  
28th May 2009 Joasia Krysa and
Geoff Cox
(KURATOR) distributed the starter at THE INFECTED SEMINAR. (more....)

May 15th 2009 Caroline Broadhurst organised lunch with her old colleagues on Friday and distributed the starter to them. (more....)


April 30th 2009 Alice Ladenburg distributed the starter at an event to celebrate her birthday. (more....)


April 14 2009 Michelle Kasprzak distributed the sour-dough at a dinner which was held to welcome Stelarc to Edinburgh. (more....)


3rd April 2009 Sarah Cook distributed the sour-dough starter on her journey to Edinburgh. (more....)


March 24th 2009 Beryl Graham distributed the sour-dough at an AHRC Research Training event on Digital Media/Curating. (more....)